Drive Your Business Efficiency & Predict Trends With Bespoke Database Software.

TDS Software use the latest bespoke database technology to allow you to drive efficiency and be on point to spot new customer trends in advance. A structured and optimised bespoke database proves that knowledge is power. Databases bring together key information and provide a range of flexible functionality. That boost provides tangible business advantage and benefits for many of our customers.

Customer Interface

Our custom-built customer interfaces are built with your customer in mind. Designed to be intuitive to use your customers will find them simple to understand and a delight to use and they remain one of the go-to features that ensure great customer relations.

Data Intergration

When a makeover of your systems is preferred to a complete ground-up rebuild our experts are very experienced in data and system integration and therefore whether you are looking to integrate with Zoho, Keap, or any other leading software provider we can achieve this for you.

Data Storage

When you log in to your custom-built TD Software system we design it to be your cockpit. All data is easily accessible from one dashboard and all at a touch of a button.

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Custom Database Software

By TD Software Services

What We Can Do For You
The end result for your business will be a database that gives easy access to the full range of information you want and need, and also allows you to carry out real-time reporting and incisive data analysis through simple, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. We can also create mobile or web apps to make the knowledge in your database come alive in new ways – a judiciously designed mobile or web app has the potential to be of real marketing benefit and even create new revenue streams for your business.